>The start of something new…

>So, this is my blog!

Hi! I’m Caitlin, a 19 year old college sophomore at Beloit, College in the “beautiful” town of Beloit, WI! I have been a food blog reader for some time know and because of my passion for fitness, nutrition and everything wellness related I have decided to start one of my own!

I hope this blog will track my workouts, current half marathon training, the food choices I make in a college environment and my education! I am a health and society major with an english minor. For more info about me and what I want from this experience please see “the journey”, and my about me page!

I chose to title this blog “The Permanent Life” because that is what I believe a true healthy lifestyle needs to be. Of course everyone will have ups and downs but for the most part it must be a lifestyle choice. When I first set out on my journey to health I remember my boyfriend at the time saying “your on such a healthy eating kick”. I knew then that is not what I wanted it to be or what is was.  I believe many people fail to maintain healthy lives after doing weight loss programs because they are not taught to change their lifestyle which in order to maintain a healthy life you must do, PERMANENTLY.

So that’s my semi-brief introduction, hope to talk to you all again soon, goodnight!


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