Long Run and a Winner!

Happy Sunday everyone! How’s the weather in everyones neck of the woods? It was supposed to be sunny and 70 here today but its cloudy, windy and 60 boo!!

At least I could still run!


Very slowly but 13 miles none the less! I have a BIG issue with starting too fast. I am really bad at pacing myself as well as holding a pace. I bounce between 8:30 min/mile and 10:40 during almost all of my runs, not helpful.

Part of it was actually really exciting! I took my normal path but instead of looping where I normally do I kept running. I know the area from driving but have never run it. I ended up on a muddy path leaping over roots and branches ( I felt super bad-ass) plus it was downhill for almost a mile so I was FLYING! The only bad thing? It really pooped me out and then I had to go uphill on the return… no fun, no fun. Plus I ended up in a not so great part of town, unhappy moment. But at least it was an adventure!

I woke up extra early for this run because PerMa asked me to come to her church with her for the last sermon of the season. It was actually really nice and it was the flower sermon so we came home with some lovely decorations


Post- run and pre-church I of course had breakfast! Overnight oats are so great for after a long run because right after, I’m starving, thirsty and I don’t want to think or move.


Peanut Butter Thin Mint OIAJ

1/3 cup raw oats

1 scoop chocolate whey protein

1 stevia packet

enough water to cover

the rest of the PB

Let sit over night

In the morning

1/2 banana

Frozen mixed berries



And what some of you have been waiting for…

Enter a lower limit:
Enter an upper limit:

Random Number:

A winner!!

The White Chocolate Peanut Butter sounds amazing, I would love to try that.

Devon from Running to Balance!!

Congratulations beautiful girl! E-mail me your mailing info (Caitlinoco@aol.com) and I’ll ship your goodies out ASAP!

Alright my lovies, I must eat and stretch, have a relaxing Sunday!



Tell me about an adventure you’ve had recently!

What’s your favorite post workout meal/snack?


Failed Thursday, Fun Friday!

Happy weekend all! I hope you all had a fantastic Friday to start off your weekend, I sure did! For the past 2 days I’ve been hanging out with someone you haven’t heard much about,


PapaPerm! On Thursday we went to downtown Cleveland to lunch at a place I’ve never been put PapaPerm swore it had the best middle eastern food in Cleveland. I must say, I believe him to be right!

It was called Nate’s and has been a little hole in the wall dinner for 25 years and is still jam packed everyday!


West 25th street is known for ethnic food, Cambodia, Turkish, Lebanese for just a few


Hummus Tabouleh pita rolled for me


Fatoush salad for him. Everything was delicious!

Our goal was to go to the West Side Market only to find that it was closed! So what did we do? Venture back the next day!

We went back to Nate’s this time we both got Fatoush and hummus to share


The West Side Market is a BIG attraction in Cleveland. It’s not a farmers market but more like a giant grocery store in a warehouse. Produce vendors, butchers, bakers (not candle stick makers) and more come together to sell there stuff. You can get lunch or grocery shop of just come for a walk around!









BLUE potato pancake stuffed with goat cheese, may have been the prettiest food I’ve ever seen

I made away with some good stuff!


Peaches, apricots, sweet mango, dried dates and a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread


These are the BEST DATES EVER, I had about 8 with peanut butter at various times yesterday

THEN (busy Friday) PerMA and I did something we’ve been meaning to do forever, drag our butts to the gym at 6:15 PM (we’re both morning people) to go to Zumba class! I went to barbell strength Friday morning but I thought Zumba may be a nice supplement!

I was so much fun! The teacher definitely put her own flare on it, I plan to get Zumba certified in August so I figured I should start going to classes!


For dinner, Vegan Tempeh Sloppy Joe!! This is SOOO good, I’ll share the recipe soon!


This morning started with my beloved yogurt bowl

Greek yogurt

Raw Oats

Store brand “Life” cereal

Sunflower butter

Raspberry fruit spread


Alright, trying to convince myself to go to spin class. I had to delay my long run until tomorrow due to nasty weather (boo!) I’ve never done a long run on Sunday before, I’m a creature of habit so I hope it goes well!

Oh! I bet your wondering about something… I’m extending my giveaway to tomorrow morning

Since I haven’t posted as much it didn’t seem fair, so go and enter!



Do you like farmers markets? Yes!! Can’t wait to go this summer!

Favorite type of ethnic food?

Favorite Dried Fruit?

Runners! What day do you do your long run on?


First Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday all! I’ll be back this evening with a WIAW/ update but for now I have a present for you all!

Alright, that’s a lie, I have a present for one of you though!

I love this blog, and I love everyone who has ever read it. To be honest I don’t get a lot of comments but I know that people are reading it ( I can check on you, sneaky sneaky). Since January we have been through some times together.

Bio tests, moving dorms, spring break, late work nights, countless runs and workouts, ED recovery, illness, great days, horrible days, new friends, dates, and on and on.

Soooo to show my appreciation for you guys sticking with me for 6 months, I am having my first giveaway!

Caitlin’s Favorite Things Giveaway!


Just a few of my favorite things!


My favorite

PB (White chocolate wonderful)

Granola (Mountain Blueberry Flax)



Larabar Flavors

Regular- Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie and Peanut Butter Cookie

Mini- Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie, Apple Pie


Dark Chocolate!

Whole foods with mint crisps

Chocolove with crystallized ginger <– THIS IS SOOO AMAZING

Did you all think I would leave out PRETZELS?! We should hang out more


I will also bake you a batch of these!


From Vegan Cookies Invade you Cookie Jar (So yes they are vegan)

So how do you enter?

1) Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite type of one of the things above

2) Tell me your favorite summer time activity!

3) Tweet about this giveaway “@Caitlintpl is giving away all of her favorite things!” or something to that nature

4) Follow me on FACEBOOK! Brand new page!


I’ll pick a random winner the morning of Saturday June 11




Meet Kate!

Hi everyone! So most of you know that I love running and am currently in training for the Chicago Marathon in October. However, I have only been running just over a year and only ever run by myself. I thought it would be fun for you all to get a different perspective on running in relation to other sports and with other people.

I asked my friend Kate to share her experiences with you, she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet and sent me this post in no time flat. So without further ado, say hey to Kate!

I’ll be back this evening, see you then!

Hey! Caitlin asked me to guest-post, so here I am. My name is Kate, and I go to school with the lovely Caitlin (we lived on the same floor freshman year!). I was a relatively serious gymnast from ages 4-17, had a stint with cheerleading, and started pole vaulting at age 15 and continue today. I am proud to say that I celebrated my two-year anniversary with distance running just this week.

It all started half way through my last season as a gymnast. I abruptly decided to quit for personal reasons unrelated to the sport, my team, or coaches, and shocked everyone, including myself. When a Beloit-bound friend from high school made the choice to run cross-country, things got interesting. I was very skeptical of distance running. But he really wanted a running buddy, so I caved and said I’d try it. Track wasn’t til spring and what else was I going to do my first year? I found running to be very relaxing. When he and I ran together, it was a great way to unwind and share stories about our days, and when I was alone, it gave me some time to think. Oh, it was difficult, but I liked that challenge. Since I’d quit gymnastics, I’d really missed that every day, give it all you’ve got, no off-season kind of mentality.


The team. You never have to stop being part of the team, ever. There’s an alumni race every year and people come back decades after they graduate. It’s an awesome way to stay connected, and to meet the newcomers. This was taken just this past season.

So, there I was, a novice runner on a collegiate team. I was very intimidated, but the team was incredibly supportive and a complete blast. I got lost on the third day of practice, and the captains came and found me at my dorm to make sure I was ok, and my coach called me because he didn’t want me to quit. I wasn’t (and still am not) very good, but I do believe that running has been on of the best things that could have happened to me. I love racing, being at the starting line with your team that’s really more like family, when you hear your running brothers cheering from the sidelines, making up goofy things to do, that great race, your coach going nuts about your new pr, those moments after chatting about goals and new strategies. I love that feeling after a hard workout when you know you’ve just done something awesome. I love annoying the crap out of our coach with top 40 pop music that he hates (as our revenge for 6:30am Monday practices). I love knowing your team is always going to be there when you want to stop trying. I love eating together, hanging out together, getting into mischief together. And I love summer and break running, knowing that what I do isn’t just for me, it’s also for the team.


Prime shenanigans example, there’s an annual camping trip at the beginning of the season that involves running, bonding, donut burgers, and a little mischief when the coach goes away…

I know many runners never get to experience being on a competitive team, and I’m sure it’s not for everyone. But I truly love knowing that someone else is benefiting from me competing at my best, and that they’ll still be there at my worst.


Me and my girls. This is from my freshman year, right before our home race. The boys are in the corner being less cool than us. They are jealous of our matching outfits. (The boys and girls teams practice together every day, and we are extremely close and only a little bit rivals)

My Love Story

I have something personal to share with you all. About a year ago, I fell in love, extremely in love. I need my love every morning. I never forget about it, I can’t function without it. 201106050837.jpg

Breakfast, I love you.

I realized how strong my love is when I woke up this morning slightly cranky and tired. I immediately decided to skip early morning yoga and thought I should take a complete rest day. I stumbled downstairs, made a yogurt oatmeal bowl and within 2 minutes of eating felt better and ready to take on the day.

I know not everyone shares my love, but oh I wish they did! I actually have never really been a breakfast skipper however for most of high school and my freshman year of college the options were basically

201106050844.jpg 201106050844.jpg


201106050845.jpg ONLY and apple….


Or of course if I are breakfast in the dining hall something like this

201106050848.jpg 201106050848.jpg

But I also had pizza as an after school snack so there you go.

When I decided to lose weight (initially in the healthy way) the first thing I knew was I had to get breakfast under control. I’d always read about the benefits of eating a good, filling breakfast

  • Breakfast enhances your body’s metabolism.
  • Eating breakfast improves your daily nutrient consumption. Even a simple breakfast can provide you with a great amount of vitamins like vitamin B6, A, minerals like calcium, iron, etc.
  • Breakfast is essential for improving your concentration and productivity throughout the day.
  • It is also observed that eating a healthy breakfast plays an important role in controlling weight gain.
  • Eating breakfast also reduces the risk of heart diseases and is also essential in checking your cholesterol levels.
  • Breakfast keeps you energized the whole day and controls your hunger pangs and snacking urges.

I got into a rotation of either oatmeal of cheerios with skim milk and strawberries, occasionally scrambled egg whites with veggies and on the weekend one big pancake with flavored yogurt and fruit or a whole wheat bagel sandwich with cream cheese and veggies.

This was January of 2010 and I have eaten breakfast every single day since. Obviously my tastes have evolved


Protein Bakes


Microwave Pancakes




Breakfast Cookie Dough

And of course




Oatmeal/ Overnight oats ❤ ❤ ❤

This morning I enjoyed a yogurt parfait, not pictured but it was greek yogurt, oats, rice chex, a banana, truvia, and cinnamon in an almost gone almond butter jar. Delicious =).

Alright, I must decide what to do with my day. Have a great Sunday all!



What’s your all time favorite breakfast? Ignore nutrition! All time, ignoring nutrition… either french toast or a big blueberry muffin with sugar on top like from Panera or Starbucks.

Favorite summer time fruit? Cherries!

Pick my workout please! Power walk? Vinyasa Yoga? Zumba?

Let’s Include Everyone

Hey hey hey! Have we all (I’m sure we have) seen the pyramid replacement?201106041329.jpg

A lot of bloggers have been discussing this new system so I thought I’d get in on the fun! First off, I’d just like to say that I adore Michelle Obama and I think her Let’s Move initiative is one of the best things currently happening in the country.

My first reaction to the food plate instead of the pyramid is that I really like it. The vast majority of Americans are not counting how many portions of each food group they are having each day or even know what a real serving size is. This is much simple and WAY more accessible so for that I say way to go!


There has on the other hand been some controversy about this image that was released in regards to the plate 201106041336.jpg

Obviously, many health and nutrition enthusiasts would neither eat nor initially approve of this meal. Would I chose out of my free will to eat this? Probably not. Definitely not the salmon (?) probably not the milk and I would never prepare this meal for myself or anyone else. So prepared to be shocked and amazed when I say that I in fact approve of the government putting this image out and I think it’s exactly what people needed to see. 201106041339.jpg

Calm down. I’ll explain.

You and I friends, are very lucky. No, I don’t know you personally but I assume you write a health blog or are interested in a healthy lifestyle. We are lucky to be able to afford good, fresh, healthy food. I am not going to get into what is worth investing money in, what food stamps can get you etc. my problem goes beyond those things.

The reason we are so lucky is because we are within a very reasonable difference of minimum one of these 201106041341.jpg





You get my point.

Not everyone is so lucky. Food deserts are a huge problem in the United States. In 2009 the USDA conducted a study on areas known as food deserts.

-2.3 million (2.2%) of all U.S. households live more than a mile from a supermarket and do not have access to a vehicle

-3.4 million (3.2%) of all U.S. households live between .5 to a mile and do not have access to a vehicle

-4.4% of households in rural areas live more than 1 mile from the supermarket AND do not have access to a vehicle.

-22% – Percent of households in low income urban areas living 1/2 to 1 mile from a supermarket with no access to a vehicle.

-2001 survey found that nearly 6 percent of U.S. households did not always have food due to access related problems.

The issue mainly effects low socio-economic urban and rural areas. This is not an issue of money, this is an issue of not having the time or energy to take a 3 hour round-trip bus ride to the closest real grocery store with your two children after working two jobs. That is the real scenario that many people would have to go to if they were to want to spend the few food stamps they have on fresh fruit and vegetables.


All of the pink areas are food deserts, that is horrifying.


*Climbing off of my soapbox*

Back to why I like the plate. All of those things are available to the vast majority of people. Most corner and drug stores have canned fruits and veggies, whole wheat bread, milk and some kind of protein available. People with access to other stores will understand that the government is not recommending canned green beans over fresh, they are simply trying to show that EVERYONE can have a somewhat decent meal. That you can picked canned veggies over Twinkies at the corner store. Which is an improvement X100000.



What do you think of the new system?

I’d love feedback in general!

Starvin’ Marvin

Hello beautiful people! This morning I was flipping through a Christmas present that PerMa got me


If you are an intense athlete or just like to workout a ton, I highly recommend this book, it has AMAZING information.

In the section on ED’s she discusses the Minnesota (Semi)-Starvation Experiment.

Starvation can mean different things to different people in a mental and an ethical way. This experiment was designed to show the psychological and physical effects on people who were on an extremely restricted calorie diet for an extended period of time.

Obviously there would be controversy as to if someone has access to food they are not actually starving which is why I prefer the title of semi-starvation experiment.

This study was performed on 36 men in 3 sections

“The study was divided into three phases: A twelve-week control phase, where physiological and psychological observations were collected to establish a baseline for each subject; a 24-week starvation phase, during which the caloric intake of each subject was drastically reduced—causing each participant to lose an average of 25% of their pre-starvation body weight; and finally a recovery phase, in which various rehabilitative diets were tried to re-nourish the volunteers.”


During the recovery phase most men gained back more weight than they had lost, would binge to the point of throwing up and then continue to eat, were in all around mental distress and took on average 5 months to be able to re-gain control of “normal” eating habits.

My point is this, these men ate every day (a little over 1500 k/cal), and yet they were still starving. This can happen to anyone without even realizing it. If you suspect you have an issue with caloric intake look for these symptoms of semi-starvation

  • Increase in coffee and tea intake and excessive gum chewing
  • An extreme pre-occupation with food (wandering around grocery stores, collecting recipes you never make, cooking for others and not yourself, etc.)
  • Constantly thinking about what you’re going to have the next time you can eat
  • Irritability and depression
  • Fatigue or exhaustion

Since I am no longer starving , I have been enjoying a new favorite breakfast almost every day!

201106031538.jpgIt’s super easy but I’ll give you a recipe anyway =) (Oh, btw, I updated my recipe pages from the old blogger site!)

Hot to Cool Oat Breakfast “Cereal”


1/2 cup oatmeal or oatbran

2.5 cups water

3/4-1 cup milk (I use plain soy)

1 truvia packet

Cinnamon (I don’t limit cinnamon)

Any fruit you want as a topping

How To

Combine the oats and water and microwave until creamy and delicious. Stir frequently to avoid overflow! Takes about 5 minutes stirring every 45 sec-1 min.

Stir in cinnamon and truvia

Top with fruit if choice

Poor cool soy milk over the top (add more cinnamon if you like)

It’s so amazing! At the top is with an apple and blackberries


Here with a banana and raisins

And I didn’t picture it but this morning I had with frozen raspberries and coconut butter, delish!



What have you been having for breakfast lately?

Banana’s or apples? (Carrie you’re not allowed to answer!) ❤

Fun plans for the weekend? Twelve miles in the morning and hopefully hitting up the pool sometime!

OH I FORGOT!! Do you guys read Lee’s blog? You should, she’s a ton of fun and today she unknowingly gave MY SUBURB an excellent review! I run on the path she’s standing on all of the time and go to Tommy’s restaurant every single Sunday when I’m at home! I’ll write about it someday but for now check it out over there! (It MADE MY DAY if you can’t tell)